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2 Radiodj 2 stations setup

Running two Radio stations with RadioDJ

How to start the setup for two stations on the same Window computer.
  • Database server (recommended the faster stable MariaDB server program)
  • the RadioDJ program
  • A music library (folder on the same or other drive station 1 and 2 will use the same tracks)
  • Create Two folders one named station 1 an one station 2, for RadioDJ
  • Two soundcard's (USB or virtual cables)
The setup:
Install the MariaDB server, re-start the computer so the server start running.
Install RadioDJ in folder station 1.
After install in folder station 1. copy all content of station 1 to the folder station 2.

Start with the setup for station 1

(Assume everything is on the C drive for the explanation)
c:\station 1\Setup\Database Setup.exe

Install the database!

Start with the setup for station 2

c:\station 2\Setup\Database Setup.exe

Install the database!

Correct the backup folder for station 1 and 2.

Backup database img

Special Note....

When setting up RadioDJ for station 1 and 2
Don't select the box allow only one instants

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