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RadioDJ Disabled Plugin

RadioDJ Disabled Plugins

RadioDJ Disabled Plugin Folder Containing

To install a plugin, just place the .dll and the according .xml file into Plugins folder. If the file already exists, replace it with the new one.

Every time you transport or remove a plugin to/from the radiodj plugin folder you have to re start radiodj.

Screen with all plugins loaded

CSV file transporter

Plugin CSV Exporter

With the plugin you can transport information from the database to a .csv file
That can be read in a csv file reader or similar file reader.

You can select the fields to export.

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Disable Track.

With the plugin_DisableTrack you can Disable the playing Track

When the plugin is installed you can set a button for it.

Open the settings screen and the tab others select the plugin.

In the under bar of the screen you get the button.

A click on the button and the playing track will be set disabled in the database.

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Before you can use the teasers you have to make a category and subcategories.

    Category: teasers.

    Subcategory: Start.
    Subcategory: Next/Mid.
    Subcategory: End.

When you have more tracks in the subcategories, start, next/mid and end you can use Shuffle Teasers.

Importing the teasers:

import Start teasers
import Next teasers
import End teasers

Use in a event start teasers

With a shortcut button

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Say time Plugin.

Copy from the folder Disabled Plugins\Plugin Say Time\
The file Plugin_SayTime.dll to the radiodj folder Plugins.

To use the plugin you have to download the time files

Other language files are in the menu for download.

In the Radiodj plugin folder make a sub folder Plugin_SayTime and copy the content of the sayTime folder from the zip or rar file in it.

Restart RadioDJ!

Plugin screen with the standard plugins.

All plugins loaded.

The plugin say time short cuts.

There are three ways to use
  1. Shortcut button.
  2. Main screen button.
  3. With a event.

Setup a Shortcut button.

Setup a main screen say time button.

In other settings

Setup say time in a event.

There are three options for use in a event!

  1. Say Time schedule time announcement.
  2. Say time voiceover, lower the music volume.
  3. Say time with pause schedule, with playlist pause

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TTS Plugin.

The TTS plugin can announce text files, Text To Speak by the use of a .xml file.

When the plugin is copy to the radiodj plugin folder there is a folder coped named Plugin_TTS

in that folder are four files 1 .txt and 3 .xml

Adjust them to your need.
See the file c:\RadioDJv2\Docs\RadioDJ - Stream Variables.pdf

Speak Track Comments: if selected the content of the imported track comment wil be spoken.
Volume: the voice volume can de adjusted,
Rate: the reader speed can be adjusted. (faster/slower 0 is standerd reading speed)
Voice: When there are more voices available you can select a standerd tts voice.

Attention on this part!

Selecting a voice in the xml file.

The voice in top of the voice select box has the number 0 the next 1 ect.

In the xml file a example
Well, it's a beautiful weather outside and you are still listening our station! That's great! But Now, we will listening to $artist$, with the song tile $title$!

Change the number in the line <Voice>0</Voice>
<Voice>3</Voice>   note 3 is the fourth voice in the voice list


SAY = You can pasta text in the field and wen clicked on SAY the text will be spoken.
SAY TIME = the current time will be spoken.
STOP = Stop the spoken text voice.

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Event Carts.

If set on a separated window!
When radiodj start a separate window will open with the manual events.

In this Tab screen it show the manual events (if there are), and you can start a event by clicking on a button with the event name.

Separate window.

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Midi settings

Midi controller settings.(setting or clear the key)

MIDI plugin is still supported under the latest versions of RDJ. So you should place the files from the MIDI Plugin folder into the Plugins folder of RDJ.
Then, after restart of RDJ, you'll see the MIDI Plugin within your Plugin Settings (Options menu -> Plugins -> MIDI Controller Plugin -> Settings).
There you can choose what device you want to use and set what input should trigger an action
(double click on an action, use the "key" on the MIDI device and hit the Save button).

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Plugin notes

Notes is a bit of a wysiwyg editor.

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The Folder Plugin Rest Server.

Present in the root of RadioDJ.

The ZIP contains.


For use on a android Phone or tabled, to controle RadioDJ over the rest server.

Plugin rest server setup.

RadioDJv2\Disabled Plugins\Plugin Rest Server\

- Install Readme.txt
- Newtonsoft.Json.dll
- Plugin_RestServer.dll
- Plugin_RestServer.xml
- Plugin_RestServer_log.txt

Install Readme.txt.
To install a plugin, just place the Plugin_RestServer.dll and the corresponding Plugin_RestServer.xml file into the Plugins folder.
Put also Newtonsoft.Json.dll in the main RadioDJ folder.
If the file already exists, replace it with the new one.
Rest Server:

Make sure that the used port is open for out site connections.

You can select:
Auto start.
Log activity.

Started is green so the server is running!

Android setup.

Click on settings.

Adjust the settings as set in the rest server, that mins the port number and password.
The address has to be the IP address op the pc where RadioDJ is running on!

In the browser of the pc where RDJ is running on type in the address bar, what is my ip for the search for the ip address.

Here is a link to get your ip.

As far as I can find out your address from your browser with a small script it's:

So the line can be:

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Web Browser

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The request plugin

The request plug in screen

In the search screen a right click on a track you get a popup.

Select the option as in the popup.

The track is placed in the screen.

For visitors to make a request.

You need a script to run on your website.

Request page script example:

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