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RadioDJ now playing info

RadioDJ now playing info

Custom title tab.

If the Text Encoding is not correct, you can change it:

What's the difference between the ANSI, Unicode, big endian Unicode and UTF-8 encoding for .txt files?

The difference by Brendan Murray ANSI is the US standards body that defines character sets. However, I think you' re referring to the Windows character sets which are actually not ANSI-compliant. Anyhow, these character sets contain 255 characters, of which the first 32 are control characters (in ANSI-compliant character sets, the range from 0x80 to 0x9F are also control characters). While the characters up to 0x7F are identical to UTF-8 and ASCII, the characters with the 8th bit set vary, so e.g. the Western codepage 1252 is different from 1250.
The other three encodings are all variants of Unicode. UTF-8 is a byte-based encoding but which has a variable-length character, with the ASCII characters taking one byte and others taking up to 4 bytes. Unicode as you' ve used it is presumably UTF-16, a fixed-width 16-bit character size. Sometimes this has a Byte Order Mark (BOM) with the value U+FEFF at the start of the text to indicate which endianness it has, but if this is absent, it is assumed that it is the natural order of the current CPU. Big Endian Unicode is where the byte order of the 16-bit value is held with the lower 8 bits first, so that the BOM is stored as 0xFE followed by 0xFF, with all other characters stored similarly. Similarly Little Endian Unicode stores this as 0xFF followed by 0xFE, and all other characters are stored with the upper eight bits first and the lower eight bits second, the inverse of UTF-16-BE.

Brendan October 8, 2018

File tab.

If you leve it as it is, a txt file is made for export:
The target drive is in this case in the root of radiodj folder (c:\radiodjv2) as NowPlaying.txt.
In the root of the drive you will find the file Nowplaying.txt containing the track info that's playing like: Gandharvas - First Day Of Spring
The info comes from the stream titles in the RadioDJ settings.

Web tab.

Web Export.

Multiple exports can be made, but limited to two lines in the free version.

  • URL example:
  • The website address (
  • Password:
  • changeme.
  • Custom data:
  • Empty, or set your data.
  • Method:
    And enable on.
  • Click on the green plus.
  • Set the web exporter on active, and save.

The php file song_update.php in use.

The file from:
RadioDJ\Docs\Now Playing Plugin Help\PHP Script\song_update1.php
song_update1.php renamed to song_update.php.
Transport the file with the data.txt file to your web site.

Adjust the settings in the file song_update.php


$datafile = "data.txt";

$lines2display = 3;

$pswd = "changeme";

Streaming Server tab.

You can sent info to
Isecast v2
Shoutcast v2

Serial tab

All those settings are depending by the hardware that is connected
to the serial port and usually they are listed in the device manual.

Filter tab

Select what info to stream.

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