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Latest Stable Version Released on 11 July 2018 RadioDJ v2.0.0.6
RadioDJ v2.0.2.0 Beta Released 23 Jan 2020


Streaming with RadioDJ v.2+


For streaming you need a stand alone decoder.

As example MBRecasterFree is used.


When selected Run with Windows, MB REcaster start when windows start or restart.

Select one if you like to listening to the stream.

Some are payed dst plugins.

After selecting a plugin click on to adjust the settings of the plugin.

Click on the button

Windows explorer will open in the MBRecasterFree\VST\ folder with two plugins.

You have the option to put in your own vst plugins.

Clicking on the
Wil remove the selected dst or vst plugin.

Get the metadata from RadioDJ what is playing.

Prepare RadioDJ for meta data.

Set the now playing txt file.

You can leave the template file empty if you like for not using a template file.

Check if the Stream Titles are set as $artist$ - $title$ (Artist - Title) on File Type Titles.

Set the meta data and where the now playing.txt file is.

Set the type of server and the way of stream mp3 oog acc+ and enable the settings.

3 extra is possible

Capture the sound cart.

And stream to a Shoutcast- or Icecast server.


Click on settings.

Click on ADD by server in the butt setings screen.

The settings

  1. Set a name (icecast or shoutcast or the stream name where you stream to).
  2. Select the type of server.
  3. Set the sddress and port number.
  4. Set the password to connect.
  5. Set the mountpoint if icecast is used (\stream).
  6. Click on ADD to save.

Audio settings

Check them there pre set.


 Select the file now playing.txt in the radiodj folder.

Select activate

Select start streaming after opening.

Recording what you stream

Adjust if you like.

  Select the folder to store the record file.


Adjust if you like.


Adjust if you like.


Click on.