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Use of two computers!

Your a amateur!

(No this is not an insult, I mean that your budget can not be much to buy equipment)

Setup for a 2 pc's radio station.

In my humble opinion the easiest and effective way.
And both pc's using just there own C\: drive

Router/Modem ports.

    WAN = Wide Area Network (internet connection).

    LAN = Local Area Network (connection between local pc's) 4x a pc connection to the internet with a lan cable.

    WiFi = W-LAN (Wireless-Local Area Network) for multiple pc's (200+).

    PC I = Main station pc, running RadioDJ (1), running a sql database server (option: running a web site server, Icecast- or Shoutcast server).

    PC II = Program, editors PC, running RadioDJ (2).

Connections to the Router/Modem.

  • PC I on LAN 1.
  • PC II on LAN 2.

A single table station setup.

Named FREE programs are to find in the download of the menu.

Contents PC I, the station pc (24/7 station if you like).

    Minimum contents.

  • Windows 7, 8+, 10
  • Running .NET 4.6.
  • RadioJD (latest version).
  • SQL server (MySQL or MariaDB).
    • Option:
    • webserver
    • icecast- or shoutcast server.
  • Stream program (like MB Recaster or Altacast stand alone).
  • Music folder (it's own, not the folder of windows self, like C\:station_music).

Contents PC II, the editor pc.
(can also used for surfing the internet on artists BIO (comments), news articles, etcetera..)

    Minimum contents.

  • Windows 7, 8+, 10
  • Running .NET 4.6
  • RadioJD (same version as in PC I).
  • Music folder (also it's own, same name and path as in PC I, like C\:station_music).
  • (Note, this is important for the path column in the songs table in the database)
  • A synchronization program (like SyncToy from the windows site).
  • For use after track/folder import of station jingles, sweepers, voice tracks, shows or commercials etcetera...
    Sync. folders are C\:station_music and C:\RadioDJv2\Album-Art\
    Or if in use Album_Art in the webserver.

    Option programs:

    • ID3Tags editor.
    • Cover downloader (download cover from the internet).
    • BPM counter (Count the bpm of the tracks in a folder).
    • MP3Gain (Adjust the loudness of tracks).

Your a amateur!

What do i meen with this, well you/me can't afford expensive equipment like big stations (or there think there big)
So we do with less for a single table station setup!
Used equipment:
  • One- or two desktop or laptop pc's (used or new).
  • Three head sets (USB used or new).
  • Three microfoons (USB used or new).
  • Option: A hardware mixer (for two mic's and two headsets, used or new).
  • USB splitter (used or new).
    For using two usb microfoons and two usb headsets with voicemeeter Banana.
    (How to setup Voicemeeter Banana by Gabriele Cripezzi on YouTub).

  • Three noisy filters (make them your self, it's simple and cheep)

On pc I.

  • Check if .NET 4.6 is present.
  • How? Download the netversion_check.zip it has a bath file in it to check your .NET version
    (run it as administrator, a list will show up if num. 4 is present it's ok).

    Or see the tutorial Find out your version of .NET
  • Install a SQL server (MySQL or MariaDB). How? see the tutorial Install a sql server.
  • Install RadioDJ.
  • Install a stream program.
  • Streaming to the internet will cost (royalties)
    You can use a streaming service like a company called streamlicensing, for $ 59.50 per month, they settle the royalties for you.
  • Get the internal ip (LAN) address for the database setup of pc II.

On pc II.

  • Check if .NET 4.6 is present (see pc I how).
  • Install RadioDJ, with a different internal IP-address database setup (How to do).
  • A special RadioDJ setup.
    Read the Note on Remote Instance.
  • Install the options programs (if you like).

Now your the proud owner of a single table radio station.

But are you there now?

How about!

  • Getting or reaching too listeners?
  • Running a website to show your station info.
  • What your playing, what is coming and more what you like.
  • Paying for playing the music from the artists streaming there product on the internet? The so called royalties!

  • Or just be come a INDIE station playing the INDIE artist(s)!
    (INDIE station stands for, independent station direct dealing with the artist)
  • (Also INDIE stands for, Independent artist music) In that case you will become a very very special radio station.
    You will have to contact the artist(s) best to do. And make a deal on promoting there/his/hare music and instead of royalties for every song you play a link on your website where the album of track can be purchased! (Using the bay link on a track in RadioDJ)

    More info about indie see this wiki page.

Showing my idea of a station setup!

In dept my INDIE station setup.

A single table setup as above to start a station.

Knowing that you will have to start small, this is important for everyone, for your station and the artist/band!

All knowing where you/he/she/them are!

Making a contract for streaming the indie artist/band, you have to make a norm to stee the boss of YOUR station.

 Hereby overcome:
 [date and time]:
 The station [name].
 Postal address:
 Email: [address]
 The station owner [name].
 The artist/band [name].
 On the artist/band post address [address] for letter corespondents if necessary.
 That the station can play the music of the artist/band on a irregular basis on the internet to promote the artist/band.
 The station or artist/band will get NO royalties ever for the play of a track or album(s).
 The station will place a link where the track or album is for sale on the website, indicated by the artist/band.
 When there are changes, both will indicate this on time.
 The station can make a show of the artist/band without knowledge to the artist/band.
 Signed by both:
 [station] and [artist]

Maybe you think I'm crazy about such a contract, but I have learned to put it into data (By: email, pdf, doc, docx, csv, ect) and print it out and send to the artist/band by standard mail (yes, just on paper sent in an envelope and postage stamp with conformation of delivered on the address by the post office).

Take notes of this! for your own good and protection, if the artist/band change there name, make a new one.

When a artist/band is starting all is gold and the sky is the limit, as long you play the tracks, but when she/he/them will become a wel payed artist/band they want royalties of you for playing there music even by using a lawyer, and even if they have got that far by you or your station!
So you have proof you can play the tracks without having to pay royalties ever for the delivered tracks by the artist/band to you.

Send a note/letter email when you get a track or album that you have receive (uploaded or on CD) on the date and time by name of the track or tracks by name in the album (it's proof) print it out on paper as administration of your station and don't forget your paying the station bill for promoting the artist/band.

But well all this aside, it's not the intention for a tutorial to become a business manager.

Let's start making a 2 PC lowest cost single table radio station .

PC I setup.

    1. Plugin a LAN cable or use WiFI (wifi not recommended due to delay and speed loss).
    2. Get the internal IP address of the pc and write it done or remember it.
    3. Install a sql server.
    4. The standard user name is root.
      Set a password and write it done or remember it.
      Set the server to start as windows start.
      Set the port 3306 open in your firewall and router/modem
    5. Install RadioDJ (the last one from the radiodj.ro download page).
    6. Make the folder/directory c:\Music. And put some tracks in it for testing.
    7. Install Voicemeeter.
    8. Install a streamer program (I use MB RECASTER FREE as an example).

For testing your setup.

  • Install a stream server ice- or shoutcast.

Setup RadioDJ

Start by clicking as administrator SetupRadioDJ2003.exe.

Sorry some screens are in Dutch.

Click on Yes (Ja in the screen).

Accept the agreement, click on next.

If the install folder is OK click on next.

Click on Yes (Ja in the screen).

Click on install.

Click on finish.

Database Setup.

Fill in the fields:

MySQL Server it's the server address leave it that way for pcI

MySQL Database it's the database name you want to use.

MySQL Username standard it's root only if you have set a different one fill it in.

MySQL Password Fill in the password you use for the sqlserver (RDJ does not work without one).

If done, click on VALIDATE to see if there is a connection with the server.

The server is online.

Click on install database.

Click on OK.

The database is made, now click on the tab Auto Backup.

Check the backup location, or change if it not the same as the destination location of RadioDJv2.

NOTE, possible you see C:\RadioDJ\Setup\Backup (small glitch in the program)

Click on OK to close the screen.

Settings in RadioDJ.

Bifor you can do the settings, it's possible you have to login on RadioDJ.

Follow these steps.

Start RadioDJ.exe as administrator.

In the screen click on

Click in the screen on OPTIONS

When this popup opens you have to login! Click on OK

Close this screen.

Click on

Use admin for the name and password. Click on login.

Click in the screen on users.

Select in the screen Disable Users Management.. Close the screen.

Now click in the screen on OPTIONS.

Click on the tab Sound Cards.

Select your sound card.

Set all where now is set Speakers (Realteck High Definition Audio)

Selecting a sound card (if Voicemeeter is used then follow the settings for the use of Voicemeeter)

Different database setup on PC II.

How to get that internal ip address of PC I?

That's simple, on PC I you can use search in windows, fill in the search window CMD, select command prompt and click on it, in the opening screen.

After the prompt type ipconfig and click enter.

In the new screen that's opened it shows.

In the screen you see the internal ip address you have to use (like mine in the screen).

Use that address like.

Click on validate to see if there is a connection from PC II to PC I!

To hart to open the CMD (CoMmanD Line) screen or find it, ok...

Download a short link for your desktop!

Un-pack to your desktop.

When you have the address, put it in the database setup screen of PC II.

Close This Window