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  • Audio processing
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    Audio processing

       button to set part on or off.  

    In Chain Volume
    Standard set on 50 max 100.

    If part is on.
    if selected By preset, selectable are Default, Hard, Hard 2, Hard commercial, Medium, Soft or Soft 2.
    If selected Custom values, You can set your one.

    10 Band Equalizer
    can be set to your one likening.
    Automatic Gain Control (ACC) Preset
    Selectable are Hard, Medium or Soft.

    Stereo Enhancer
    For broadening the stereo sound, you can adjust the level for your own feeling.

    Note the settings you do:
    It's not what you like,but what your listeners like!

    Can be difficult to find the right settings for all those different ears

    Don't forget to save your settings.