Track/Directory import


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Links to Video Tutorials on YouTub

by radiodj.info and Marius Vaida

RadioDJ from A to Z.

  • Part I setup a database server and install RadioDJ v.2
  • Part II the settings of RadioDJ
  • how to name or re-name a subcat

  • How to import a track
  • RadioDJ - Play Track(s) for X Times and Move Them To Another
    • Adjuistting the search screen
      For the track manager works the same

  • How to import a directory
  • Database repair
  • RadioDJ - Playlist From Rotation
  • How to load hourly playlists in RadioDJ
  • How to Import Internet Stream in RadioDJ
  • Radiodj and the win error log
  • radiodj track analyzing
  • Radiodj backup different ways (By CarterScripts.com)