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    About radiodj.info

    My very first lesson and learning was to set up and manage a BBS called orion bbs in the Netherlands
    i hat a lot of fun with it before the internet existed all with a 1900 modem, to run RA and second telefoon line calling all over the world in the night for programs downloads and to get information for the BBS to read and, most Visitors where Europeans those days and some vutter away.

    I came into contact with radiodj through an old friend of my son in 2011

    Back then there was only a tutorial for version 1.6.0 and not
    for the beta version that was newer then.
    I All ways like to explore versions than and still do.

    I had some trouble setting up and installing. And thought others have too.
    I made notes of how and why I made mistakes and what worked and what didn't.

    So just trial and error it got worked.

    Because of this I took the plunge and thought I still want to learn html, php and css
    so why not make manuals for radiodj newer versions and a website for the scripts.

    that's how the radiodj.info website came to be.