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Settings screen.


The screen explains itself.

Only the Results to show, has to do how many tracks per page to show in the search screen and track manager screen!

Note on Remote Instance with a extra setup/use of RadioDJ, if the database and music is shared between two or more instances, when setting one as remote, this RadioDJ version will not mark tracks as played to avoid corruption of the history/reports, but also the events will not trigger on it. In this way, you can create playlists, edit tracks and so on, but without corrupting the database.

Sound Cards screen.

The screen explains itself.

Auto DJ screen.


Pri. settings

This is used in the track rotation (track on priority).
The standard is set 0n 50.0 on the import of a track or folders.
In a rotation it must be lowered, as example set the 0.0 to 0.1.
When a track is played in a rotation the 50.0 is set to 49.9 in the database.

Artist Separation file. (Root RadioDJ)

settings_artists.txt F.|f.|Ft.|ft.|Feat.|feat.|Featuring|featuring|;|,|&

If you want to change or add separators, use notepad.

How it's works.

Playing a track, the artist field content is Mel & Kim.
Two performing artists.

The separator is in de list & now RadioDJ update the database.
Sets all tracks from Mel as played and all tracks from Kim as played.
Both get a time stamp according to the time on that moment and can't be played till the time is over, set on

Stream Titles screen.


stream list

File Type Titles list.
If you click on the color color bar bar, you can change the color.

A click on opens the stream variable file.
c:\RadioDJ\Docs\Stream Variables.pdf

stream popup

If you have change the settings click on save

Other Settings screen.


short cut button

You can Add, Change the order or Remove buttons.

Store folder for the recorded mp3 files.

Art Work a.k.a Album Art.
Select the foder to store and set Enable on.
RadioDJ gets the album art from the ID3Tag if there is a photo in the track.

Getting single art, must be approached differently, see Some tricks in the menu.

Plugins screen.


Some plugins have settings you can adjust.
See default plugins in the menu.

When plugins from the disabled plugin folder have been copied to the plugin folder these will also be in the list.