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CUE Editor

The cue editor

The cue editor use it own sound card as set in the sound card settings.

It's used for pre listening on different things and won't interfere with what is playing.

There is the option to play and stop playing the track (pre-listening).

Wave form screen.

Slider bar to magnify the wave for more precision to set a point.

Cue point settings operation.

The time points in hour - minutes - seconds.

Point select buttons.

  • Select a Point select button you like to set, click on the Start button button.
  • On the point you like the mark, click on the button to mark the point.

The markers:

    Start: The point where the track starts playing.

    Intro: Vocals start point in the track.

    Loop In: Start point of the loop-in on the track.
    Loop Out: End point of the loop-out on the track.

    Hook In: Start point of the hook-in of the track.
    Hook Out: End point of the hook-out the track.

    Outro: Vocals end point in the track.

    Next: The point where the next track is loaded and calculated where to start.

    End: The point where the track stops playing.

    Auto Select: Select all markers for drag and drop in the screen.

    Note, You can use the buttons to drag and drop the selected marker.