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Disabled Plugins

Plugin zones.

over to view the plugin zones!

Disabled Plugins Settings.


All available plugins from the folder Disabled Plugins.

Plugin CSV Exporter (no settings)
Plugin Disable Track (no settings)
Plugin Event Carts
Plugin Gamepad   (no settings)
Plugin MidiController (no settings)
Plugin Notes  (no settings)
Plugin Requests
Plugin Rest Server  (no settings)
Plugin Say Time
Plugin Teaser
Plugin TTS
Plugin Webbrowser

Not all plugins have a settings screen!

Select a plugin and click on the settings button.

Event Carts.


Now Playing Exporter.

Explanation page.

Rest Server.



Bifor you can use the teasers you have to make a category and subcategories.

    Category: teasers.

    Subcategory: Start.
    Subcategory: Next/Mid.
    Subcategory: End.

When you have more tracks in the subcategories, start, next/mid an end use Shuffle Teasers.


Web Browser.