Say time Plugin.

Copy from the folder Disabled Plugins\Plugin Say Time\
The file Plugin_SayTime.dll to the radiodj folder Plugins.

To use the plugin you have to download the time files

Other language files are in the menu for download.

In the Radiodj plugin folder make a sub folder Plugin_SayTime and copy the content of the sayTime folder from the zip or rar file in it.

Restart RadioDJ!

Plugin screen with the standard plugins.

All plugins loaded.

The plugin say time short cuts.

There are three ways to use
  1. Shortcut button.
  2. Main screen button.
  3. With a event.

Setup a Shortcut button.

Setup a main screen say time button.

In other settings

Setup say time in a event.

There are three options for use in a event!

  1. Say Time schedule time announcement.
  2. Say time voiceover, lower the music volume.
  3. Say time with pause schedule, with playlist pause