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Latest Stable Version Released on 11 July 2018 RadioDJ v2.0.0.6
RadioDJ v2.0.2.0 Beta Released 23 Jan 2020




Bifor you can use the teasers you have to make a category and subcategories.

    Category: teasers.

    Subcategory: Start.
    Subcategory: Next/Mid.
    Subcategory: End.

When you have more tracks in the subcategories, start, next/mid an end use Shuffle Teasers.

To use the teasers, the tracks must have a hook in and out.


the time between the hook in and out determines the length of the teaser To recognize a song, the time between the hooks is important for a brief moment to recognize the song

you can make a short key for use!

button on the bottom bar!

event is also possible!