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Latest Stable Version Released on 11 July 2018 RadioDJ v2.0.0.6
RadioDJ v2.0.2.0 Beta Released 23 Jan 2020


    Web server software.


    The web server software ( USBWebserver V8 ) we use is the most simple to explain and in use.

    Using the adjusted web server.

    Unzip the packet, in the packet you see a folder (webserver), copy the folder to your drive.

    The folder webserver contain the web server.

    A list:

    The server starts by clicking on usbwebserver.exe best to start as admin.

    Start screen popup.

    Choose the language to use.

    The web server is now online.

    Apache is on.

    Mysql is on line.

    Click on Localhost to open your browser to see the start page of your website.

    Note, Mysql is build in on a different port and not in use.
    Maybe you can use it later, it runs on port 3309.

    Set it off:

    Click on the sql sever. and click on stop.

    Read the web script part if you click on the localhost button.

    Stream server software #1.

    SERVER: https://softfamous.com/icecast/

    SHOUTCAST: https://archive.org/download/shoutcast-dnas-1-9-8-windows

    Using the icecast_win32_2.4.3 server.

    Click on I Agree.

    Click on next.

    You can click on next, em setting it in it's own folder c:\icecast.

    Click on install.

    Click on close.

    Go to the install folder. Open the file icecast.xml

            <!-- Sources log in with username 'source' -->
            <!-- Relays log in with username 'relay' -->
            <!-- Admin logs in with the username given below -->
        <!-- set the mountpoint for a shoutcast source to use, the default if not
             specified is /stream but you can change it here if an alternative is
             wanted or an extension is required
        <!-- Uncomment this if you want directory listings -->
        <!-- You may have multiple <listener> elements -->
            <!-- <bind-address></bind-address> -->
            <!-- <shoutcast-mount>/stream</shoutcast-mount> -->

    The password hackme is known to the most zo change it, remember it or write it down.

    The port 8000 is oke.

    In the folder clicking on icecast.bat will start the server.

    Showing in you browser, type localhost:8000 in the address bar.

    Note port 8000 for the pc must be open in your firewall and modem/router to connect from the internet for listeners.

    To connect: http://YOUR-IP:8000/listen.m3u (YOUR-IP see The IP address of the PC).

    Stream server software #2.

    Using the Shoutcast DNAS v.1.9.8 windows server

    Click on agree.

    Click next.

    You can use this folder to setup, em using it own folder c:\shoutcast.
    Click install.

    When the install is finished the read me file will be showed, read it if you like.

    Go to the install folder en open the file sc_serv.ini with a plan editor (notepad or so).

    In the file is this part:

    ; ***************************
    ; Required stuff
    ; ***************************
    ; MaxUser.  The maximum number of simultaneous listeners allowed.
    ; Compute a reasonable value for your available upstream bandwidth (i.e. if
    ; you have 256kbps upload DSL, and want to broadcast at 24kbps, you would
    ; choose 256kbps/24kbps=10 maximum listeners.)  Setting this value higher
    ; only wastes RAM and screws up your broadcast when more people connect
    ; than you can support.
    ; Password.  While SHOUTcast never asks a listener for a password, a
    ; password is required to broadcast through the server, and to perform
    ; administration via the web interface to this server.  This server should
    ; consist of only letters and numbers, and is the same server your broadcaster
    ; will need to enter in the SHOUTcast Source Plug-in for Winamp.  THIS VALUE
    ; PortBase. This is the IP port number your server will run on.  The
    ; value, and the value + 1 must be available.  If you get a fatal error when
    ; the DNAS is setting up a socket on startup, make sure nothing else on the
    ; machine is running on the same port (telnet localhost portnumber -- if you
    ; get connection refused then you're clear to use that port).  Ports < 1024
    ; may require root privledges on *nix machines.  The default port is 8000.

    password and port you need to remember.
    You can change the password (it's saver to do so, most know the standard password.)
    Keep the port number it's oke.

    To start shoutcast double click on sc_serv.exe and the server starts.

    To close the screen click on hide monitor, the server keep running.

    Showing in you browser, type localhost:8000 in the address bar.

    Note port 8000 for the pc must be open in your firewall and modem/router to connect from the internet for listeners.

    To connect: http://YOUR-IP:8000/listen.pls (YOUR-IP see The IP address of the PC).


    MB Recaster free


    For RadioDJ streaming application to a Icecast- or Shoutcast server.

    For streaming example using the MB Recaster free version.

    The setup:

    Encoder 1.

      Server like hostname:portnumber/stream name.

    Meta data.

    Audio setting

    Sound card.

    Available Plugins, some are payed.

    Available speakers.

    A stable internet connection address.

    Link, Get a Free Dynamic DNS IP address.

    For a Free Dynamic DNS, you have only once a month to login on there site for a checkup of your IP.

    You get a warning email once a month to let them know your still using there Free dynamic ip address.

    Port opening in win firewall and router or modem.

    Read this article to open a port in your firewall or by Ustream.

    Port opening in a router or modem.
    I can't explain how, there are different modems/routers on the site port forward you may find your answer.

    Possible you need the internal ip address of the pc to open a port for it, in a router/modem.

    Type in start (command prompt ) cmd ipconfig, see the screen.

For download the explained programs.

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