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Artists Separation This page was last modified on 29 April 2021 12:04

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How to use the Artists Separation

Example artists story:
The artists John Stone & Marry tree, have made several records as a duo.
Due to circumstances, both get bored singing together, and both start a solo career.
And you have all their records or albums!
As duo artists and as solo artist.
So you have records with the artist name John Stone & Marry tree or John Stone and Marry tree.
The mp3tag for artist in the records are:
Artist name: John Stone & Marry tree
Artist name: John Stone
Artist name: Marry tree.

So when a record plays of John Stone & Marry tree as duo.
You don't like the next to play record be John Stone or Marry tree.

That's where the artist separator can do it's work.
In the artists name is a separator & or and. (John Stone & Marry tree) (John Stone and Marry tree)

In the settings of radiodj is set by Auto DJ.

See the settings in the blue lined box.
There is set don't play the same artist for 180 minutes. (red arrow line)
And the (if a track has multiple artists tread them individually) is selected (yellow arrow line)
So in this case by John Stone and Associated artist Marry Tree.(don't get confused on Associated between, we come to it.)

In this example of John Stone & Marry tree or John Stone and Marry tree
Is the & or and the separator!

Here is a list of separators.

Used in

Used in newer version.
and the
and the

Associated explanation.

See button name in the screen.

On a click on the button.

This screen explain it's self, you can edit new lines for separation.