Track/Directory import


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Directory import.

import folders

set folder

Click on button select the directory/folder to import.

  • Select the Category.
  • Clicking on button category manager opens the categories manager.

    You can make a new Category or Subcategory.

  • Select the Subcategory.
  • Select the genre.
  • You can use Auto if there are different genres in the tracks.

  • Select the Track Type. note

Categories manager.

Has to do of the select boxen in Directory import: Category, Subcategory and Genre.
cat. manager

These are the defaults.
You may have already changed them, added subcategories etc.

tracks set

Special use:

Play for (number) times, and then, the option is: Noting, Disable, Delete or Move To.
When Move to is selected, you can use, Move to Category and/or Subcategory.


A track can be set to play only between dates on a start and end date.

If the tracks contains ID3 CUE data select the box and the data will be from the tracks ID3Tag.