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RadioDJ Main Screen.

Slot mode.


List mode.



Player buttons

Back to start.
Album photo.
Track title.
Album name

Player part

Rotation and Sweepers.

Rotations and sweepers

Change rotation category, click on DEFAULT.

Change sweepers category, click on DAILY SWEEPERS.

On click on the VU meters.

VU meter 2 channel stereo.

VU meter 5.1/7.1 Stereo.

Sweeper and Voice Track.

Player in use

Player in use. No sweeper or voice track in the playing track.

player in use to

Sweeper/VoiceTrack condition:

    Start = Play direct at start.
    Intro = Intro duration - Sweeper duration = Start play.
    End = Track duration - Sweeper duration = Start play.

Same for Voice Tracks.

In this track the sweeper is set on end, and count down to start.

Clicking on the red cross removes the sweeper or voice track.

Progress bar.

Intro bar

When a intro is in the track, the progress bar start yellow till the | has been reached.

After it's green, 10 seconds for the end it turns to red. Where the | is showing.

remaining time

Remaining count down and flash.

Intro and Outro.


On a Intro it's count down.

Same on a Outro

Intro = When the vocal part starts.
Outro = When the vocal part stops.
(see cue editor to set intro and outro on track)

The Clock.

clock 24h

Clicking on it change 24H to 12am/pm.


You can change the logo.png with your own logo in the root dir of radiodj.

Playlist (a.k.a. queue)

Empty list!

In use.

Playlist row number.
And time the track will start.
  • Artist name.
  • Title name.
  • Sweeper name (if present).
  • Voice track name (if present).
  •    Soundcard number.
  •    Pre listening.
  •    Track details.
  •    Remove track from the list
  •    Subcategory name.
  •    Intro time.
  •    Track duration.
  • When you double click on it, the cue editor opens, you can make temp changes on the track.

    Mute RadioDJ

    In the tray right click on the RadioDJ icon.

    • Mute = Mute RadioDJ (sound off)
    • Show Tray Notification on Track Change = When a new tracks started a small notification will show up.
    • Exit = Close RadioDJ.

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