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Voicemeeter Banana

The Advanced Virtual Audio Device Mixer For Windows !

Controlling audio on Windows 10 can sometimes get a little messy, particularly if you have a lot of different apps or devices to funnel it all through. In the case of streamers, in particular, control over which piece of audio goes where is crucial to ensure your stream isn't a complete disaster.

There are hardware solutions, like an external mixing deck, that can take care of everything for you. Those are great, but they're not cheap and they require a fair bit of room. And lots of cables.

You might be better off with Voicemeeter Banana, a free-to-use application for Windows that simulates a mixing deck within the confines of your PC. It is fantastic. But there's a bit of a learning curve.

for the original tutorial of the author in pdf as zip file.

Setting up Voicemeeter Banana in win 10.

Setting up Voicemeeter Potato in win 10.