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Making a news bed.

If the news/weather/information is dry, without background music.

You can use a news bed.

Some points to think of.

  • What is the global duration of the news/weather/information.
  • Duration of the track to use as news bed, best 15 to 20 seconds more as the news track
  • Best a instrumental track as bed to use.

Making a bed file/track.

Import a track for the bed file.

Note the settings.

Category and track type!

Import the news/weather/information file.

Note the settings.

  • Category.
  • Subcategory.
  • Track type.
  • Selected as overlay file.

Setting the cue point where the news/weather/information has to start.

Select the bed track in the search screen right click on the file and select Edit CUE.

Click on the button

Select the flag next start, drag it to the start flag, the moment you start to drag, the button Next is activated.

Set the flag Next start on the point you think it's 10 seconds.

Click on save.

Now start over, select the track in the search screen, right click and select Edit CUE.

In the screen you see where the next start is set and the seconds.

If it's not the point you like, repeat the handeling.

Playing in a event.

Open the event screen (how to open see event).

  • Set the event name.
  • Set when (example = repeat bij day and hour)
  • Set the days and hours.

You can use the option Smart Timing (setting start the event when the playing track is ended.)

The action.

Select the main action Load track from playlist ----------------------------.

First track is the news/weather/information.

Click Add Action

Repeat, second track is the bed file (inpotant, must be last in the event screennews/weather/information).

Click Add Action

You have the option to repeat and set PLAY (start direct) in the event, to start the news/weather/information track.

Save the event.

See how to make a event for more information.