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The Best operating system.

RadioDJ runs best on a window system, actually it's made for it!

It will run on the versions 7 to !0.

So RadioDJ will run on a new or old PC/Laptop both connected to a constant power outlet, with the operating system that's on it.

The best option is use a old/new PC/laptop to run a radio station and don't update the operating system, if RadioDJ runs fine on it.

Reading on the RadioDJ forum, problems everywhere, because the PC/laptop is also uses for others things that have nothing to do with a radio station.

Just keep the PC/laptop for a sql database server, RadioDJ and a track folder/directory (running a shout- or icecast server) and can run the .NET 4.6.

Protect yourself from many problems.

An old PC/laptop is no longer expensive, maybe you have one somewhere to use, if you don't have one, invest some coins in it.

Greetings Jhonny.

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