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Stereo Tool (by Hans van Zutphen)

Using Stereo Tool Streaming with RadioDJ

The streaming engine built into Stereo Tool provides a method for providing a high-quality stream to a stream hosting server, such as Icecast.
The out-dated documentation on the Stereo Tool website downplays the quality of the stream, however Hans has made major changes to the engine - it's very clean.
This documentation does not provide background on configuring the connection parameters within Stereo Tool, but they are fairly self-explanatory. Stereo Tool

Beginning with v9.35 of Stereo Tool, the built-in streaming engine can inject song metadata into the stream. The data available is Artist, Title, Song, Album, and Year.
Note that Song is a combination of Artist and Title - Song will replace any information in Artist and Title. Song is not typically used.

For most streams, injecting the song title and the artist are sufficient to meet streaming requirements.
While Stereo Tool won't read a typical "Now Playing" text file, there is a way to dynamically update the title and artist information in RadioDJ by creating a special template.
Stereo Tool stores its settings in an STS file. When Stereo Tool loads an STS file, Stereo Tool only updates the settings included inside the STS. Any settings that are not included in the STS file are not changed.
To update the title and artist, we need to create an STS file that only includes the title and artist information. This will update the stream meta data, but not change any of the other operating parameters of Stereo Tool.
So, how do we tell Stereo Tool to load our special RadioDJ STS file? We use a feature in Stereo Tool named, "File polling" with the Poll STS function.

Poll STS watches a named STS file - when the STS file changes, Stereo Tool will read the file and load the changes. Poll STS can be found under Configuration / Scheduler.
We need RadioDJ to create our custom STS file. First, we need to build a template for RadioDJ to use.
The template is a simple text file and contains the following text:

    [Output stream]

Save the file to a unique name. The file is usually stored beneath the RadioDJ installation folder in the Templates\Now Playing folder - but it can be stored anywhere on the computer.

RadioDJ needs to be configured to use the new template.

Open the RadioDJ Configuration window.

Click on PLUGINS to open the plugin list.

Select the plugin.
Or in the bottom bar click on the NOW PLAYING INFO button.

On the File Export tab, choose the template you created in the Template File edit box.

Still on the File Export tab, change the Target File to a file ending with the .sts extension - such as nowplaying.sts
In Stereo Tool, set the Poll STS file to the same name as your RadioDJ Target File.
As RadioDJ is running, it will update the nowplaying.sts each time a new song starts. Stereo Tool will detect the file change, load
the artist and title information, and apply it to the stream.

Tutorial Credits and kudo's to Radiodave.us (radiodj.ro Forum member- RadioDAVE.US)