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Latest Version Released on 11 July 2018 RadioDJ v2.0.0.6


Artist Sweeper.

Setting a sweeper on a track.

You can assign a sweeper or sweepers to a track.

!!! Playing/using the assign sweeper or sweepers can only be done in a rotation.

Sweeper or sweepers on a track.

Select a track from the search screen, do a right click on the track and select edit track.

Click on the tab Sweepers.

In the left screen are the sweepers present, in this case from the category daily sweepers (select a category).

Select a sweeper and click on the green plus.

In the right screen you can see there are tree sweepers assigned to the track.

Click on save.

How assigned sweepers works in a rotation.

On line two a sweeper is set on the start of the track.

When a track is chosen and it has assigned sweepers it picks one of the tree sweepers and play is on the start of the track.

When a track has no assign sweepers it picks one of the selected sweeper category.