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The Folder Plugin Rest Server.

Present in the root of RadioDJ.

The ZIP RadioDJAndroidRemote.zip contains.


For use on a android Phone or tabled, to controle RadioDJ over the rest server.

Plugin rest server setup.

RadioDJv2\Disabled Plugins\Plugin Rest Server\

- Install Readme.txt
- Newtonsoft.Json.dll
- Plugin_RestServer.dll
- Plugin_RestServer.xml
- Plugin_RestServer_log.txt

Install Readme.txt.
To install a plugin, just place the Plugin_RestServer.dll and the corresponding Plugin_RestServer.xml file into the Plugins folder.
Put also Newtonsoft.Json.dll in the main RadioDJ folder.
If the file already exists, replace it with the new one.
Rest Server:

Make sure that the used port is open for out site connections.

You can select:
Auto start.
Log activity.

Started is green so the server is running!

Android setup.

Click on settings.

Adjust the settings as set in the rest server, that mins the port number and password.
The address has to be the IP address op the pc where RadioDJ is running on!

In the browser of the pc where RDJ is running on type in the address bar, what is my ip for the search for the ip address.

Here is a link to get your ip.

As far as I can find out your address from your browser with a small script it's:

So the line can be: