Track/Directory import


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How to use the Playlist Builder.

Top to bottom.

Side by side

Using the top to bottom screen to make a playlist in different options.

bar playlistbuilder

It all start with file.

Most options are in Open Playlist!

If you click on it, this screen pops up.

It's all set to standard and there is no playlist to adjust or change.

This is called a radio button when select it's set on.

If you click on M3U Playlist, you can select a play list with the extension m3u.

It opens the windows explore to select a m3u file.


As example, select is new Playlist.m3u, and clicked on open.

This playlist is imported in the playlist Builder now.

But a more advanced, click on Playlist From Rotation

You can set the time lengt of the playlist, standard it's set on 60 minutes

The only thing is, buld a good rotation.

As a example, using the reggae rotation.

The playlist is filed.

In this case, check the end time, it's 00:55:23, so it's not 60 minutes, by hand you can adjust with stations id's or voice overs to get to 60 minutes.

When selected.

The main playlist.

A playlist is made of what is in the RadiodDJ playlist (a.k.a queues) what will start to play.

From the list.

When finished, save the made playlist.

This can be be done in two ways, as a RadioDJ playlist (New Playlist) or a M3U list.

Loading a playlist in RadioDJ.

Set AUTODJ off.

Clear the playlist.

Load a playlist.

Select a playlist from a radiodj playlist or a m3u playlist.

You have the option to shuffle the playlist.

Set AUTODJ on, so the rotation will start at the end of the playlist.