Track/Directory import


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History screen.

When RadioDJ starts the screen will be empty (also on a re-start).

When tracks are played tee show up in the screen.

  • Double click on a track in the screen opens the track editor.
  • Drag and drop a track from the screen in the playlist.
Note, if you change a track in the track editor and the track is playing, you can't use ID3 save.

The Online Listeners!

When select in the settings show listeners.

The History Settings.

Click on

Click on

Select the history plugin.
Double click on it or click on the Settings button.

Adjust the settings.
When you like to show how many listeners there are.

Select the box Show Listeners Count.

This will only work:

If you have a program which outputs the number of your listeners from your server(s) to a text file, you can use it to display the listeners count.