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Now Playing Info.


Click on

Click on PLUGINS.

Select Now Playing Info, click on Settings.

RadioDJ is able to export the playing track information outside of the program, using a plain text file, by sending the information to a web page, or by using a serial connection.

Custom Title.

If the Text Encoding is not correct, you can change it:

File Export.

If you leve it as it is, a txt file is made for export:
The target drive is in this case D:
In the root of the drive you will find the file Nowplaying.txt containing the track info that's playing like:
Gandharvas - First Day Of Spring
The info comes from the stream titles in the RadioDJ settings.


It change every time wen a new track is started.
If it's not what you like, change the $artist$ - $title$ in the line your self using different variables, click on the button with the red question mark.

Variable:Used for:
$station_name$Station name
$station_slogan$ Station slogan
$rotation_name$ Current rotation name
$autotitle$ Title assigned by user per track type
$rotation_id$ Current rotation ID from the database
$request_username$ Requester username
$request_message$ Requester message
$path$ File name path
$track_id$ Track ID from database
$artist$ Track artist
$original_artist$ Track original artist
$title$ Track title
$album$ Track album
$composer$ Track composer
$label$ Track label
$publisher$ Track publisher
$copyright$ Track copyright
$comment$ Track comment
$rating$ Track rating
$mood$ Track mood
$gender$ Track gender
$language$ Track language
$isrc$ Track ISRC
$image$ Track image
$year$ Track year
$track_no$ Track number
$disc_no$ Disc number
$bpm$ BPM
$duration$ Track duration (formatted HH:MM:SS)
$durationinSeconds$ Track duration (in seconds)
$durationinMilliseconds$ Track duration (in milliseconds)
$track-type$ Track type
$subcat-id$ Track subcategory ID from the database
$genre-id$ Track genre ID from the database
$buy_link$ Buy link
$url1$ Custom URL 1
$url2$ Custom URL 2
$now-hour$ Current hour
$now-minute$ Current minute
$now-year$ Current year
$now-month$ Current month
$now-day$ Current day
$now-shorttime$ Current time in short format
$now-longtime$ Current time in long format
$now-shortdate$ Current date in short format
$now-longdate$ Current date in long format
$listeners$ Current listeners number
Example file made in a plain text editor (notepad):
Artist: $artist$. Title: $title$. Lengt: $duration$ Min. (saved as myinfo.txt)
Shows as:

Artist: Donovan. Title: Haven rings the bell. Lengt: 00:03:45 Min.

If you have change the line don't forget to save the changes.

If you have made one your self, click on by Template File and select your file where it's is located.

Web Export.

Multiple exports can be made.

  • URL box:
  • The website address (http://mysite.com/song_update.php).
  • Password:
  • changeme.
  • Custom data:
  • Empty, or set your data.
  • Method:
    And enable on.
  • Click on the green plus.
  • Set the web exporter on active, and save.
  • Note, In the free version it's limited to two lines for export.

The php file song_update.php in use.

The file from:
RadioDJ\Docs\Now Playing Plugin Help\PHP Script\song_update1.php
song_update1.php renamed to song_update.php.
Transport the file with the data.txt file to your web site.

Adjust the settings in the file song_update.php

$datafile = "data.txt";
$lines2display = 3;
$pswd = "changeme";

World Time zones.

List is sorted from UTC/GMT-11:00 to UTC/GMT+14:00


Multiple exports can be made.

For the use in a local network:

  • Address (IP):
  • The other PC ip address ( or
  • Protocol:
  • UDP-IP or TCP-ip.
  • Template File:
  • RadioDJ\Docs\NowPlaying Template/OrbanOpticodecPC Serial Template.
  • Port:
  • The port number.
    Make sure it's not blocked (firewalled).
  • Click on the green plus.
  • Set the network exporter on active, and save.
  • Note, In the free version it's limited to two lines for export.

Finding the IP Address of a Windows 10 PC.

1. Click in the search box in the lower right and type cmd.

2. Click the Command Prompt match or hit enter.

How To Get Your Local IP Address on Windows 10 - Step 1 and Step 2.

3. Type ipconfig at the command prompt and hit enter.

How To Get Your Local IP Address on Windows 10 - Step 3.

Your IP information is displayed and labeled accordingly.

IPv4 Address ..............:

Serial Export.

All those settings are depending by the hardware that is connected
to the serial port and usually they are listed in the device manual.

Filter Setting.

You can select what to stream here.