Track/Directory import


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Click on

Click on PLUGINS

Select Playlist, click settings.

Don't set the slots number to high, reading will be hart in the screen.

Clicking on the number on the left will start the track.
Clicking on the escape button will stop the playing track and start the next track.

Slot mode. Slots Number = 8 (track rows).

List mode.

Buttons in Slot Mode:

Red = Off.
Blue = Selected.
Operation is opposite to the input button (red = on).

On a double click on one, the cue point editor opens on the track.

Buttons list mode:

Same as in Slot mode.
Except the button:

Stretch screen to the right.
Playlist in slot mode.

  1. Clean track
  2. Same track with sweeper
  3. Same track with VT (Voice Track)

Playlist in list mode.

  1. Clean
  2. With sweeper
  3. With VT (Voice Track)

Note: don't get confused of the column ETA times (changes if Radiodj is not playing!).
    1. Track time start (09:22:10).
    2. Track time start + duration (03:42) track 1 = 09:25:53
    3. Track time start + duration track 1 + duration track 2 (2X 03:42 = 07:24) = 09:29:35
PS. 09:22:10 = photo taken time.