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Be for you can use teasers you have to set a Hook-in and hook-out in a track.

Can be made in Track Edit CUE Editor.

put the hooks on the most recognizable piece of a track (2 or 3 seconds of a track)

See CUE Editor.

Setup of the teasers.


Make in categories the cat. Teasers.

And in the subcategories a start, next and end sub.

Closes the screen.

As example download a set of teasers of radiodj.ro Teasers Audio Elements unpack the zip file there are tree folders in it IN (Start), Out (End) and Separator (Next) and put them in your music library. (There me be more than one teaser in the folder, you can shuffle


Set the Category and the Track Type on Teasers and Teaser in the Subcategory according to IN, OUT and Separator.

Start importing the teaser folders (Start, Next an End one by one, you can use shuffle if there are more than one in a folder).

Setup the teaser plugin.


Select Teaser Plugin and press Settings.

Set the Sub categories on Teasers and according to Intro, Transitions and Endings.

You can enable or disable the Shuffle option.

Set how many Maximum Numbers of Track you like.

Now it's almost ready to use.

To use the teasers there are three way's.

In a event or under a short cut button or a key-board key.

Short cut key of the key-board.

Select OPTIONS , Shortcuts.

Select in the screen Generate Playlist Preview. Double click on it.

Set a key enable CTRF or SHIFT or don't use just a key press Modify and Save.

Now in the main playlist screen.

Now press your keyboard short key you have set.

The teasers are set ad the top of the playlist.

Remember there must be a HOOK-IN and HOOK-OUT in the tracks.

In a event.

Open the event screen.

Make a new event.

Set the event name and type and adjust the time.

Press the green cross.

In Main Actions go to Plugin Actions and Select Plugin Action by Available Plugins set it on The plugin Teaser. Press Add Action.

The event is set, press Add Event.

On the event bar.

It shows in a count down when the event start for making teasers from the main playlist.

Short cut button:

Select for a number.

The button is there.

Teasers plugin will only work if there are tracks in the main playlist containing, the Hooks IN and OUT.