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Latest Version Released on 11 July 2018 RadioDJ v2.0.0.6



Click on a utility to start it.

  • Database Optimization.
  • data optimizing

    On a click a popup screen.

  • Verify tracks.
  • This verify if the tracks are in the tracks folder form the path that is in the database.
    Not founded tracks will be set disabled in the database.
    You can alzo remove the not founded tracks from the database, by selecting the box Delete Invalid Tracks.

  • Relocate tracks
  • Select the tracks folder.
    A search will be done if tracks are moved to another folder.
    The path in the database will be adjusted.

  • Tag synchronization
  • Option, database to tag or tag to database.

    On a right click in the screen, more options.

  • Update track duration.
  • A popup shows how many tracks are updated.

  • Reset priority.
  • Reset the priority of the tracks, standard is the priority 50 so all tracks will be set to 50 if there are lower than 50.
    Confirmation is required, in the popup screen.

  • Reset playcount.
  • Reset the play count to zero on all tracks in the database.
    Confirmation is required, in the popup screen.

  • Delete history.
  • Deletes the history from the database.
    Confirmation is required, in the popup screen.

  • Reports.
  • Opens the reports maker.

    update associated artist

    Like the artist separation.txt file (F.|f.|Ft.|ft.|Feat.|feat.|Featuring|featuring|;|Feat|feat|,|&|)

    You can run this after a folder import!

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