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Released on 11 July 2018 RadioDJ v2.0.0.6
Released on 6 Dec. 2018
RadioDJ v2.0.1.4 BETA



    filer on date

    You can filter on the dates to make a report.

    track type

    Select the track type.

  • Spins.
  • Sort on artist, title and year.
  • Artist.
  • Sort only on artist.
  • Title.
  • Sort only on title.
  • Year.
  • Sort only on year.

  • Ascending.
  • Sort method A to Z.
  • Decending.
  • Sort method Z to A.

    Choose the type of template for the report.

    For save as.

       Start making the report.

       Save the report.

       Print the report.

       Help file for reports.

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