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Latest Version Released on 11 July 2018 RadioDJ v2.0.0.6


read about MariaDB vs MySQL

How to switch from a MySQL server to a MariaDB sever.

The step's!
  1. Backup your database with RadioDJ.
  2. Uninstall de mysql server.
  3. Install the mariadb server (32 msi or 64 msi) from the
  4. Or from the download page .
  5. Restore the database with radiodj

Backup database

Check the connection to the MySQL server and click on backup database.

Uninstall the MySQL server.

You can watch this movie about uninstalling the MySQL server 1.45 minutes.

Al credits to Masim Man

How To do:

Run Command Prompt as Administrator and execute the following command to stop and remove MySQL service.

  1. Net stop MySQL
  2. Sc delete MySQL
Go to Control Panel >> Programs >> Programs and Features, select MySQL Server and click Uninstall. (If you can uninstall MySQL from Control Panel)
Open Windows Explorer and go to Organize > Folder and search options, Select the "View" tab and under "Hidden files and Folders" choose "Show hidden files and folders".
Now explore the following locations and delete following folders.

  • C:\Program Files\MySQL
  • C:\Program Files (x86)\MySQL
  • C:\ProgramData\MySQL
  • And if exists, delete it too C:\Users\[User-Name]\AppData\Roaming\MySQL

Restart your PC and install MariaDB.

Install the MariaDB server.

    mariadb-10.0.12-win32.msi or win64.msi

    Setup MariaDB server.

    The first screen after starting MariaDB

    Click on Next.

    Accept the terms.
    Click next.

    Read the screen.
    Click Next.

    Remember the password you filling in.

    Setup for standard use.
    Click Next.

    Standard use of the port number.
    Click next.

    If you like to send feedback to the MariaDB site enable the box.
    Click Next.

    If your ok with it click on install.

    The setup is running just wait.

    The setup is completed click on Finish.

    The screen will close.

Restore the database

Check the connection to the MariaDB server and click on restore database.

Select the backup sql file click open.

Confirm by clicking on OK, and wait till finished the restore.

When getting the error (message packet too large)
See, On database restore I get a error message packet too large in Q.A

Start RadioDJ and have fun....