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How to Upgrade RadioDJ v.1.8.2 to v.2.0.0.+

Install radiodj v.2.0.0.+ first.

By Marius.

1. Make sure that you are using a different folder for the new version, by default it is set to use C:\RadioDJv2.

2. Open Database Setup.exe from C:\RadioDJv2\Setup folder and enter the name of the v.1.8.2 database (the one that you will update) and click the Validate button.

3. If everything is fine, DO A BACKUP first!

4. After the backup is done, go to Database Utils tab from Database Setup utility and press the SELECT UPDATE FILE button. A prompt will appear which will ask to select the update file. Select the C:\RadioDJv2\Setup\Sql\1.8.2 TO 2.sql file and database should be updated.

This will only work for updating from RadioDJ v.1.8.2 which has all the required database tables. It will not work for older versions!


Install the new RadioDJ.

Download the latest version from the www.radiodj.ro site.

Start by clicking as administrator SetupRadioDJ2003.exe.

Sorry some screens are in Dutch.

Click on Yes (Ja in the screen).

Accept the agreement, click on next.

If the install folder is OK click on next.

Click on Yes (Ja in the screen).

Click on install.

Click on finish.

Database Upgrade most safely.

Database start setup RadioDJv.2.0.0.+

Database settings of RadioDJv.1.8.2

Start Upgrading.

Screens RadioDJv.2+

Set all fields the same as in the database settings of RadioDJv.1.8.2

Click on VALIDATE.

There is a database connection.

Click on the TAB Auto Backup.

Check if the backup folder (Backup Location) is the same as the folder where RadioDJv.2 is installed!

If it's not click on and select the right folder (important!).

Go back to the TAB Database Installation.


The backup is done (Export Completed).

Change the MySQL Database name to radiodjv2.


Click OK in the conformation screen

A new database is made.


   ( this is the icon of my program your is different).

Select in the screen the sql file (it's the backup file of the radiodjv182) and click on open.

Click OK in the conformation screen

The restore is done, the radiodjv2 database in now the same as the radiodjv182 database.

Now the real upgrade starts!

Click on the TAB Database Utils.


Select the file 1.8.2 TO 2.sql and click open.

Click OK in the conformation screen

When the bar is totally green, the upgrade is done!

Click on OK and the screen close.

Enjoy the new version