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Released on 11 July 2018 RadioDJ v2.0.0.6  
Released on 19 January 2020
For testing RadioDJ v2.0.2.0 Beta


    HeidiSQL sqlserver manager.

    At startup you get the login screen.

    Enter the password that you specified installing the sqlserver.

    Click on Open.

    The screen with the tables that RadioDJ has made are now visible.

    Create a new user.

    To create an new user, click on Tools and select User Manager.

    In the popup screen click on Add.

    >Put in a new user name.

    On From Host, choose Access from anywhere (% will show up).

    >Put in a password and repeat it.

    Select In the Allow access to:

    Only this Global privileges!

    • Select.
    • Insert.

    Click on Save.

    Select the just made new user:

    Click on Clone.

    Fill in the new user name as before and the passwords but set From Host: on localhost.

    Click on Save and Click on Close.

    New MySQL database user is set.

    Open in dashboard Station Setting, in DATABASE SETTINGS use the new user name and password.

Video how to: Tutorial HeidiSQL with MariaDB and MySQL Manage user authorization and privileges