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Users panel.




The password of the Admin is not showed.
On the first time using:
Name: admin
Pass: admin

Change this like this:

Click on admin 14 to change.

Making a new user:

admin 3

admin 4

Fill in the new user name and password.

Click on the green plus.

admin 5

Select the new user, set the select boxes where the new user has acces to.

specail png

From my point of view, do not give permission here, you can then be removed, and then need to reinstall RadioDJ.

Click on save save to store the settings for the new user.

admin 7

Click on close.

Shows up if you click on a button in the RadioDJ screen.

Login first.

admin 10

admin 10a

When not in use.

When clicking on admin 9 and not in use.

It shows the user login is not in use.

admin 12

Log out when you are finished using RadioDJ and another takes over.

Remind others to do this too, there may be different access permissions for users of the station.

Finally, there seems to be an inactive time frame and you need to log in again.
Unfortunately, but safety first or not?

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