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  • Table 0 error
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    Cannot find table 0

    Error massage in the detail screen.
    ************* Exception Text **************
    System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Cannot find table 0.
        at System.Data.DataTableCollection.get_Item(Int32 index)
        at Plugin_Search.SearchControl.SearchResults(String Keyword, Int32 NewStart)
        at Plugin_Search.SearchControl.CbGenreSelectedIndexChanged(Object sender, EventArgs e)
        at System.Windows.Forms.ComboBox.OnSelectedIndexChanged(EventArgs e)
        at System.Windows.Forms.ComboBox.set_SelectedIndex(Int32 value)
        at rdjInterface.Categories.PopulateGenreList(ComboBox& genreCombo, Boolean WithAny)
        at Plugin_Search.SearchControl.PopulateGenres()
        at Plugin_Search.SearchControl.SetupColumns()
        at Plugin_Search.SearchControl.SearchControlLoad(Object sender, EventArgs e)

    In most cases, the database is corrupted and needs a repair.

    You can use HeidiSQL to do a database repair.

    There is a instruction movie for it by Marius Vaida How to repair a corrupted MySQL/MariaDB database using HeidiSQL?

    Or the Movie database repair instruction by radiodj.info.

    Download this mp4 video.