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    Install MySql server 5.6.16

    Afther the download of MySql 5.6.16 msi start the setup for MySql.

    The first screen starts up.

    Select in the screen Install MySQL Products

    Than the next screen will shows up.

    Find latest products.

    You can select Skip the check
    even though it is not recommended, because you want to install this version and click on Execute

    Choosing a Setup Type.

    Choose the setup type Server only, click on Next

    Check Requirements.

    Just click on Next.

    Installation Progress.

    Click on Execute and the install starts.

    Click on Next.

    Configuration overview.

    Click on Next.

    MySQL Server Configuration.

    Select Enable TCP/TP Networking set a Port Number Open Firewall port for network access.

    Click on Next

    Enter a MySQL Root Password and Remember it for later use

    Click on Next.

    Enable Start the MySQL Server at System Startup.
    Set Standard System Account (The MySQL Username will be standard root

    Click on Next.

    Click on Next.
    Note: Remember! The standard MySQL Username is root.

    Click on Finish The screen will close and the MySQL Server is started.

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